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Example Mod[]





Name ID Icon Quote Description Mod
RUN RUN You feel like you're being choked. Spawns an aura that provides stat ups, but damages the player if they stand in it for too long. Malignant Spirits
Faith Healer Faith Healer The power of prayer! Eternal Hearts now give their hp up immediately on pickup. A Pocketful of Items
Lil Comrade Lil Comrade Central Planner Reassigns consumables once you reach the cap. A Pocketful of Items
Mosquito Mosquito Her babies are hungry Spawns flies which cause bleed. A Pocketful of Items


Monster Sprite Health Description ID Variant SubType Mod
The Leftovers The Leftovers Monster.png 20 Wanders around the room leaving explosive egg bombs. 15 266107 0 Two Avian Enemies
Poultrygeist Poultrygeist Monster.png 30 +6 Wizoob like enemy that leaves egg bombs around the room. 219 301880 0 Two Avian Enemies
Egg Bomb Egg Bomb Monster.png 5 An egg that cracks, bursting into four projectiles in the cardinal directions. 231061 0 0 Two Avian Enemies
Malignant Soul Malignant Soul Monster.png 0 Floats around the room and emits an aura. If the player stands in the aura for long enough, they'll take damage. 212 37898 0 Malignant Spirits
Packrat Packrat Monster.png 24 Charges at the player if they align cardinally. On hitting the player, the packrat will knock one of their consumables onto the floor and will attempt to pick it up 23 4815 0 Three New Enemies
False Prophet False Prophet Monster.png 25 +5 A Wizoob variant which fires holy lasers in a cross formation. 219 221 0 Three New Enemies
Wad Wad Monster.png 13 Slides at the player, leaving a trail of slippery creep across the floor 621 0 0 Three New Enemies

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