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Community Remix Remixed adds one custom challenge, Samson's Jawbone. In this challenge, you play as a blindfolded Samson who starts with Donkey's Jawbone and Lusty Blood instead of Bloody Lust. Treasure Rooms and Shops will both spawn, and the challenge ends at Mom's Foot.


The main difficulty of this challenge comes from the learning curve of utilizing Donkey's Jawbone instead of normal tears. Donkey's Jawbone is a very powerful projectile, however, and a lot of tear effects will carry over to it. Additionally, many Samson strategies with Bloody Lust will no longer work as taking damage is no longer beneficial to the character.


The main focus of this challenge should be taking out enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible. Donkey's Jawbone and Lusty Blood will both add to your damage stat for each enemy killed, and this in addition to the damage-scaling of the actual projectile means that you will be one-hitting many enemies. However, the player should proceed with caution, as they will need to pick up the jawbone to use it each time, and they are completely vulnerable while doing so.


Name Image Description Unlock Mod
Samson's Jawbone Community Remix Remixed Unlock Samson Jawbone.png Samson now starts with Donkey's Jawbone. Complete the Samson's Jawbone challenge. Community Remix Remixed


  • The unlock for Samson starting with Donkey's Jawbone is a reference to Samson starting with Donkey's Jawbone in the original Community Remix. Unlike Community Remix Remixed, this was not locked behind an achievement, and instead was a part of Samson from the start.
  • Lusty Blood replacing Bloody Lust is a reference to Bloody Lust's mechanic in the original Binding of Isaac, where it would boost your damage for each enemy killed for the duration of one room.
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