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Max is a transformation added in Community Remix Remixed. In this form, Isaac gets a x1.5 damage multiplier and the ability to destroy rocks and poops by walking over them. Isaac will turn into Max after getting 3 of the following items:

Active Items[]

Name Icon Quote Description Notes
Max's Paw
Collectible Community Remix Remixed Max's Paw icon.png
Damage converter Converts 1 heart container into a +0.4 damage increase

Passive Items[]

Name Icon Quote Description Notes
Dog Tooth
Collectible Dog Tooth icon.png
Bark at the moon! +0.3 damage, 0.1 speed
Plays a howling sound when near a Secret Room
Plays a barking sound when in a room with a crawlspace
Max's Head
Community Remix Remixed Max's Head Icon.png
DMG + Speed up +0.3 speed, +1 DMG, x1.3 DMG Multiplier
Max's Tail
Collectible Community Remix Remixed Max's Tail icon.png
Speed = DMG! Adds a damage buff based on your speed stat



  • The Max transformation is from the original Community Remix, and grants the same effects.
  • This iteration of Max for Afterbirth+ was originally based on his implementation in Max Transformation + Items.
    • In the original mod, there was a "dog food" set, which consisted of Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and A Snack. Only one would be counted towards the transformation. This feature was removed due to the addition of Max's Head and to make it harder to get this transformation.
  • Max, unlike the other pets referenced in Isaac, is not based off of any of Edmund's pets.
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