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Loki is a transformation added in Community Remix Remixed. In this form, Isaac has a Luck-based chance to shoot 4 tears in cardinal and/or diagonal directions, similar to the boss Loki. He also gains the ability to fly and a +1 luck upgrade. Isaac will turn into Loki after getting 3 of the following items:

Passive Items[]

Name Icon Quote Description
Loki's Horns
Collectible Loki's Horns icon.png
Cross Tears Isaac has a luck-based chance to shoot tears in all 4 cardinal directions.
The Mark
Collectible The Mark icon.png
DMG up +1.00 DMG Up
+0.2 Speed Up
+1 Soul Heart
Collectible BBF icon.png
Big Beautiful Fly Spawns a friendly Boom Fly familiar who will fly diagonally around screen and explode on contact with enemies.



  • The Loki transformation is from the original Community Remix, and works similarly. Rather than shooting in 8 directions, you only shoot in the 4 cardinal directions. However, this effect is not luck based and occurs every time.
  • For balance, this mod adds Loki's Horns to the Devil Room Pool, making this transformation somewhat easier to get.
  • BBF being a part of the transformation is a reference to Loki's ability to summon Boom Flies during battle.
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