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Community Remix Remixed adds 9 new types of hearts, all of which are variations on existing hearts.

Half Hearts[]

Half Black Heart[]

Half black.png

  • Grants half of a Black Heart on pickup.

Full Hearts[]

Full Eternal Heart[]

Full eternal.png

  • Grants one Heart Container on pickup.

Full Bone Heart[]

Full bone.png

  • Grants one Bone Heart filled with a Red Heart on pickup.

Blended Hearts[]

Blended Heart (Black/Red)[]

Blackred heart.png

  • Behave identically to normal Blended Hearts, only with a Black Heart instead. If Isaac has one or more empty Heart Container, it acts as a Red Heart. If Isaac only has one half red heart missing, it will fill the Heart Container and add one half of a Black Heart. At full health, this acts as one Black Heart.

Blended Heart (Eternal/Soul)[]


  • On pickup, Eternal/Soul Blended Hearts will give Isaac one Soul Heart and one Eternal Heart.

Blended Heart (Red/Eternal)[]


  • On pickup, Red/Eternal Hearts fill one Heart Container and give Isaac an Eternal Heart. At full health, this acts as one Eternal Heart.

Blended Heart (Soul/Black)[]

Soulblack heart.png

  • If Isaac has an even amount of Soul Hearts with no half Soul Hearts, this acts as one Soul Heart. If Isaac has half a Soul Heart, this will fill the half Soul Heart and add one half Black Heart.

Double Hearts[]

Double Soul Heart[]

Double soul.png

  • Grants two Soul Hearts on pickup.

Double Black Heart[]

Double black.png

  • Grants two Black Hearts on pickup.

Double Eternal Heart[]

Double eternal.png

  • Grants two Heart Containers on pickup.


  • Aside from the Eternal/Soul Heart, all of these heart types are new to Community Remix Remixed.
    • The original Community Remix added Half Soul Hearts, Red/Soul Hearts, Double Red Hearts, and Eternal/Soul Hearts. Other than the latter, all heart types listed have since been added to Rebirth.
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