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Donkey's Jawbone
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Item altar
Pickup Quote
'"It's mine now"
Item ID
Missing ID
Item Pool
Treasure Room, Red Chest

Donkey's Jawbone is a passive item from Community Remix Remixed.


  • Grants the Donkey's Jawbone pickup, which takes up your Q item slot.
  • On use, the Donkey's Jawbone pickup can be thrown as a projectile, dealing damage on contact with enemies.
    • The projectile scales with your damage and also carries any tear effects from other items. At 3.50 damage, the projectile does 19.50 damage.
    • After landing, the Donkey's Jawbone pickup will respawn and can be picked up and used repeatedly.
    • With every successful kill, Isaac gets a slight damage up for the rest of the room. This upgrade starts at +0.2 and gets slightly lower with each subsequent upgrade.



  • Donkey's Jawbone is an item originating from Community Remix. The item was very similar to Mom's Knife with different stats. In Community Remix Remixed, this item is now much more unique.
  • This item is used in the Samson's Jawbone challenge.
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