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Black Mushroom
Item icon
Item altar
Pickup Quote
'"What does it do?"
Item ID
Missing ID
Recharge Time
1 seconds 1  seconds
Item Pool
Secret Room

Black Mushroom is an active item from Community Remix Remixed.


  • Upon use, randomly increases or decreases any of your stats.
  • Each use also tints all enemies to be black, and adds a black smoke effect when they initially take damage.
  • After 3 uses, the item is consumed.
    • Car Battery will consume two of the item's uses at once.
    • The amount of Black Mushroom uses will carry over to duplicate Black Mushrooms. If you completely consume a Black Mushroom and then use another one, it will disappear after one use.



  • Black Mushroom was an item in the original Community Remix. Originally, Black Mushroom would give a fixed speed down and tears up, and had an instant recharge time.
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