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Adam's Rib
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Pickup Quote
'"Thou shall be called 'Familiar'"
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Character Appearance
Character appearance
Item Pool
Treasure Room, Angel Room

Adam's Rib is a passive item from Community Remix Remixed.


  • Upon taking damage, Isaac shoots two short-range shots in random directions, leaving red creep behind.
  • Additionally, taking damage causes Isaac to spawn a random familiar, which can happen up to three times.


Name Image Description Unlock
Adam's Rib Community Remix Remixed Unlock Adam's Rib.png Unlocked the Adam's Rib passive item. Beat Delirium as Adam. Community Remix Remixed


  • In the Bible, after Adam is created, God uses one of Adam's Ribs to create Eve.
Collectible Community Remix Remixed Adam's Apple icon.pngCommunity Remix RemixedCollectible Community Remix Remixed Adam's Apple icon.png
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