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Community Remix Remixed Adam App.png
Health Full red heartFull red heart
Damage 2.10 / 5.25
Tears 8 / 12
Shot Speed 1.00
Range 23.75
Speed 1.50 / 0.70
Starting Items
Pickups None
Items Adam's Apple
Needs to be unlocked Sinner's Scars

Adam is a character in Community Remix Remixed, originating from Community Remix. He starts with Adam's Apple which is used as his primary mechanic. Sinner's Scars can also be unlocked as a starting item after defeating Mega Satan as him.


Name Image Description Unlock
Lost Cards Community Remix Remixed Unlock Lost Cards.png Unlocked the Lost Cards set of cards. Reach Chapter 5 as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
Putrid Gland Community Remix Remixed Unlock Putrid Gland.png Unlocked the Putrid Gland trinket. Complete Boss Rush as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
Heartache Community Remix Remixed Unlock Heartache.png Unlocked the Heartache trinket. Beat Mom's Heart as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
Mortal Coil Community Remix Remixed Unlock Mortal Coil.png Unlocked the Mortal Coil passive item. Beat Hush as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
X - The Ritual Community Remix Remixed Unlock The Ritual.png Unlocked the The Ritual lost card. Beat Satan as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
IX - Havoc Community Remix Remixed Unlock Havoc.png Unlocked the Havoc lost card. Beat Isaac as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
Snake Eyes Community Remix Remixed Unlock Snake Eyes.png Unlocked the Snake Eyes active item. Beat The Lamb as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
Sacred Fig Leaf Community Remix Remixed Unlock Sacred Fig Leaf.png Unlocked the Sacred Fig Leaf passive item. Beat ??? as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
Sinner's Scars Community Remix Remixed Unlock Sinner's Scars.png Unlocked the Sinner's Scars passive item.
Adam now starts with Sinner's Scars.
Beat Mega Satan as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
Adam's Rib Community Remix Remixed Unlock Adam's Rib.png Unlocked the Adam's Rib passive item. Beat Delirium as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
XI - Dexterity Community Remix Remixed Unlock Dexterity.png Unlocked the Dexterity lost card. Beat Greed Mode as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
XII - Extremity Community Remix Remixed Unlock Extremity.png Unlocked the Extremity lost card. Beat Greedier Mode as Adam. Community Remix Remixed
Forbidden Seed Community Remix Remixed Unlock Forbidden Seed.png Unlocked the Forbidden Seed passive item. Achieve 100% Adam Completion. Hard Mode is not required. Community Remix Remixed


  • Adam is based on Adam from Community Remix.
    • Adam did not have any unlockables in the original mod.
  • This iteration of Adam for Afterbirth+ was originally based on his implementation in Adam + The Apple and Adam Expansion.
    • Adam's Apple used to be called The Apple, and had much different stats compared to what it is now.
    • Adam had a smelted Heartache effect in Adam Expansion, however this was removed due to Remixed's changes to The Apple/Adam's Apple.
Collectible Community Remix Remixed Adam's Apple icon.pngCommunity Remix RemixedCollectible Community Remix Remixed Adam's Apple icon.png
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