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Community Remix Remixed is a celebration of the history of Isaac and Isaac modding. It (unofficially) brings back some old forgotten items and concepts, most from Community Remix, and upgrades/expands on them to fit within Rebirth's standards.

Original Mods[]

These mods have been integrated into Community Remix Remixed.

Adam + The Apple[]

  • Added Adam and his starting item, The Apple. The Apple was renamed into Adam's Apple in Remixed.

Max Transformation + Items[]

  • Added the Max Transformation along with some items that contribute toward it. A custom implementation of Max's Head was later remade and implemented into Remixed.

Counterfeit Dollar[]

Lost Cards[]

  • Added the full original set of Lost Cards.

Bloody Feather[]

  • Added the Bloody Feather item, based on Community Remix's Bowl of Tears item. This item was rethemed back into Bowl of Tears in Remixed.

Adam Expansion[]

  • Added a full set of unlocks to Adam for defeating final bosses, just like the default game characters. By doing this it also added new items that aren't based on any Community Remix item, and expanded on the Lost Cards set.
Community Remix Remixed The Apple Icon.pngCommunity Remix RemixedCommunity Remix Remixed The Apple Icon.png
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