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Each character starts with different stats and abilities that give them their own unique play style.


Character Health Stat Icon.png Health Damage Stat Icon.png Damage Tears Stat Icon.png Tears Shot Speed Stat Icon.png Shot Speed Range Stat Icon.png Range Speed Stat Icon.png Speed Luck Stat Icon.png Luck Starting Item Icon.png Starting Item(s) Mod
Fiend App.png
Full black heartFull black heartFull black heart 4 (*1.00) +0 2.5 23.75 1.2 -1 XVII - The Stars Devil's Harvest
Community Remix Remixed Adam App.png
Full red heartFull red heart 2.10 / 5.25 -2 / +2 1.00 23.75 1.50 / 0.70 -2 Adam's Apple
Needs to be unlocked Sinner's Scars
Community Remix Remixed

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Normal Babies[]

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