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Bosses are strong monsters found in boss rooms at the end of a floor. The boss at the end of the floor must be defeated in order to advance to the next floor. The boss for a particular floor is chosen from the pool of bosses for the environment of the floor. Upon defeat, most bosses will drop an item from the boss item pool.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Name Portrait Health Description ID.Variant.SubType Location Mod
The Peeping
Boss The Peeping The Peeping portrait.png
550 Protected by some little buddies, the peeping uses a variety of blood barrages to attack isaac. 500.9900.0 N/A The Peeping
Moira 3000 +150 Fights using eyeballs. 777.0.0 N/A The Ritual
Boss The Ritual PeePeeDie portrait.png
2500 +200 An invulnerable boss with only one weak spot. 780.0.0 N/A The Ritual
Puck 500 +30 Fights with magic runes that change how the player fights. 608.0.10 N/A Lunatic Mod
Souleater 2000 Attacks the player using deadly blood lasers, and tricky projectile patterns. 800.125.0 N/A Godmode: Unleashed
Boss Genesis Serpent portrait.png
Shoots the player along some platforms. .1.1 N/A Genesis+
Boss Devil's Harvest Honeydrop portrait.png
110 A queen bee who attacks using shockwaves and by spawning flies to fight for him. 67.3.0 N/A Devil's Harvest
Boss Devil's Harvest Technopin portrait.png
100 An early boss that attacks by firing a laser towards isaac, and by leaping towards him. 62.0.10 N/A Devil's Harvest
Boss Devil's Harvest Cacamancer portrait.png
300 A large boss that fights by summoning poopy friends. 699.0.0 N/A Devil's Harvest
Mega Blister
Boss Devil's Harvest Mega Blister portrait.png
300 A large blister that summons not one, not three, but TWO little balls as part of their attack! 303.0.5 N/A Devil's Harvest
Mega Portal
Boss Devil's Harvest Mega Portal portrait.png
200 +5 A big portal that summons other bosses to fight for them. 697.0.0 N/A Devil's Harvest
Primordial Monstro 250 This old Monstro protect himself with Ministros. 20.415.0 N/A Devil's Harvest
Boss Devil's Harvest Mahalath portrait.png
477 A demonic boss that fights using their vomit. 777.0.0 N/A Devil's Harvest

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